Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 27

Humidity and Your Stringed Instrument

People often call Kennedy Violins and ask about how to take care of their violin. My response is usually to tell them that there is not a lot they have to do, other than wiping off the excess rosin after every practice session, so it doesn’t have a chance to build up.  However, where a person lives can …

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Mar 22

Listen and learn

I’ve been reading a lot about our brains on music, and how supremely intertwined music is in our very being, as humans. As we listen to music, it’s not our ears that actually hear music – it’s our brains. Our ears merely convey the vibrations to our brains, and our brains, through synapse, social conditioning …

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Mar 20

Violin Nerd or Athlete?

Article by the World Renowned Violinist Clayton Haslop. A few years ago I read a little article having to do with repetitive movement injuries and instrumental playing. In the course of it the writer made the following observation. Musicians are the athletes of small muscles. Certainly true. Yet, if the whole truth be told, we …

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Mar 15

Sheet music is just a click away

What I like about playing my violin is that it is really a “social” instrument. I don’t consider myself a soloist, but I do enjoy making all different kinds of music at various levels with other people. I practice not only to improve my own abilities but also to contribute to the success of a …

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Mar 09

Diverse Genres

There is a multitude of diverse musical genres that can be played on the violin, but some of the most popular are classical violin music and fiddle music. With its rich history and complex form, playing classical violin music can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Playing with others in an orchestra is an excellent …

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