Apr 19

Cello can be the beginning of greatness


Kevin Olusola

Cello isn’t just for classical music, as anyone who has heard the Portland Cello Project will tell you.

I just had to share this amazing young man with you here. He plays cello, yes, but in a very unique way. Check him out:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m all about nurturing music in young kids, advocating music as a means of higher learning, early development, well-roundedness and overall life-enhancement via music.

Meet Kevin “K.O” Olusola. This guy is talent incarnate. Not only does he play cello, he also plays sax, he’s a beatboxer and composer. He studied at Yale in pre-med, but his major was not music, but, wait for it…East Asian Studies. That took him to Bejing for a year, where he continued to play and study. You can read more about him here.

He’s super-accomplished in all areas of his endeavors and has performed at the highest levels both in the US and abroad: Carnegie Hall (twice, by the time he turned 17), playing for the US Ambassador to China in Bejing when President Obama was there, opening for Drake, and a lot of other great experiences.

He has decided to put his medical training on hold and go into music as a career, though, because he realized that being a musician wasn’t a choice for him anymore. Music is a lifestyle.

My point is that he is the epitome of well-roundedness: Art, science, humanities, performance, creativity. And I have to think that a renaissance man like Mr. Olusola came by all this first by the love and support of his family, and also in a self-perpetuating way through hard work, recognition and inspiration.

I love working in a field where you can influence kids with such a fulfilling endeavor. Playing music nurtures a lot of things in kids, not the least of which is their discovery of who they are and all they can be. Kennedy Violins can be the place to start their journey.

So when a kid like Kevin comes along, we should all sit up, pay attention, enjoy his talents and be inspired to find or help the next Kevin to come along.

And it can all start with a cello.

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