Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 25

Mozart vs. Beethoven

Today we will answer a very important question; a question that has plagued classical music scholars for centuries, I’m sure. The first person to actually ask me this question was not a learned professor or a talented colleague, it was my twin brother. Which was surprising at the time since his favorite musician was Weird …

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Jul 16

Violins Are Like Legos: They’re Meant to Come Apart

You’ve seen it before. Intermission commences at the junior high orchestra concert. The suspect, a rather uncoordinated violist (who shall remain unnamed), trips over a cello and the audience gasps as it faceplants on the ground. The bridge goes flying. The strings go limp. A harried seventh grader fights backs tears as she runs to …

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Jul 11

It’s never too late…

…to learn an instrument. Really. Many people go nearly their whole life wishing they had learned to play an instrument. Later in life many find the joy and challenge of learning to play well worth the effort. It’s not something one can expect to master in a short time – far from it. At that …

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Jul 04

Playing violin shouldn’t be a pain in the neck

We always enjoy talking to our customers on the phone or through email about their future instrument purchase. One question we always ask is if someone needs a shoulder rest. The most typical response is, “Do I need one?” We usually explain that it is up to the instructor. But, at Kennedy Violins, we are …

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