Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 20

Forever Young: It’s Never Too Late to Learn an Instrument

You’re in your car, stopped at an intersection, and glance over to see a young, beautiful teenage couple in a red convertible, laughing, smiling, and presumably taunting you with their youthful future of endless possibilities. In your minivan, now with 299,000 miles on it, you brush the stale crumbs off the passenger seat, glance in …

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Feb 15

Roses are Red…WINNER

This year, we decided to do a mini-contest for Valentine’s Day.  The contest was simple, anyone who wanted to participate just had to post a poem on the wall of our Facebook page to enter.  The winner would be selected the day after Valentine’s Day. Well, that day is today!  After looking at all the …

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Feb 13

Stringed Instrument Care and Maintenance, Part 1

You’ve made the decision to begin playing a stringed instrument. Or, perhaps your child has begun taking music lessons on a stringed instrument. In order for you to enjoy years of trouble-free use from your instrument, it is a good idea to follow a basic program of care and routine maintenance. This will ensure that …

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Feb 01

Roses are Red…

Roses are Red… We are trying to get into the Valentine’s spirit here are Kennedy Violins by writing a lovely little poem about how much we love violins, violas, cellos, and music but, we have writer’s block!  Maybe you can help. Submit a Valentine’s Day poem to our facebook page!  We’d love to hear your sonnets, …

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