Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 30

Musical Identity: Defining Instrumentalist Personalities

Which instrument you play (or even want to play) somehow becomes an indelible part of your identity. Even now when I talk about my musicianship with strangers, I often hear, “Oh, I played the cello growing up,” or “I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar.”  To the former I say, “Do you still play?” to …

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May 25

Photo of the Week

If you haven’t heard yet, we are having a photo contest.  Each Friday during the contest we will be featuring one of the photos submitted.  This week’s photo comes to us from Andrew Herrault.  He entered it into the “Artistic” category.  If you would like to submit your own, click here for details.  The  winner …

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May 21

Kennedy Violins Photo Contest!

Kennedy Violins is pleased to announce that we are holding another photo contest.  This time, there are three categories for participants to enter: Performance,  Artistic, and Humorous.  One winner will be chosen from each category receiving a $50 in store credit.  A grand prize winner will be chosen overall receiving a $200 in store credit. …

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May 20

The Fine Art of Tuning

In high school at the beginning of each concert, like all orchestras, we would take some time to tune.  Once the squeaking and squawking settled into a common A natural, our conductor would say, “Thank you very much.  Our first song was ‘The Fine Art of Tuning.’”  The audience, slightly confused, would laugh and we …

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May 14

Common String Instrument Repairs

  The first time I was traumatized by a broken instrument was in the third grade. My dad propped my rental bass up, leaning it standing on its endpin against the side of our van on the morning of a performance. Propping a bass up standing like that is like asking for a death wish. …

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