Jun 19

Rasika School of Music and Arts Receives Kennedy Violins Award

In February of this year, Kennedy Violins announced that it was seeking a local music teacher to award with a prize package including a violin outfit and accessories to beef up their resources.  The deadline to apply ended May 1 and the selection process began.  Out of all the applicants, there was one organization that stood out to us: Rasika School of Music and Arts.

Rasika began in Portland, OR in 1999 with the goal of bringing the classical Indian arts to the city and surrounding areas through entertainment and education.  Over the years, they have presented many dance and music concerts featuring premier performers from India.  In 2010, they started the School of Music and Arts.  The school has two locations in Hillsboro, OR and Vancouver, WA.  Already, the school has around 75 students enrolled making it the largest school of classical Indian music in the Northwest.

Sri Anand Nadh Teaching Students at Rasika

What stood out to us, at Kennedy Violins, was the obvious passion that the teachers and staff of Rasika possess for the arts and the expertise of the instructors in their individual art forms. Anand Nadh is the teacher violin and voice in the School of Music and Arts. He comes from one of the world’s most renowned classical carnatic music lineage.  Anand studies with violin maestro Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman and Sri Lalgudi Krishnan. Coming from this powerful classical tradition, he studied this art form and all of its nuances, staying in the home of his teachers in the Gurukulam custom for years. He has a rich teaching experience and can communicate well to a diverse and global student community, having taught at Singapore, Middle East and in India before starting as a master teacher with Rasika.

Rasika strives to fill an obvious void in the musical culture of the Northwest for the thousands of Indian families here and the community at large.  They expertly do so as evidenced by growing enrollment.  As Rasika continues the journey to enhance the cultural richness and quality of music locally in Portland and Vancouver, they seek the support of local funders and Kennedy Violins was happy to step in. In the words of their president, Raman Srinivasan, “The gift award of violin package for our music teacher and our school will be a valuable asset to our music school. We are definitely in need of instruments and this in kind award from Kennedy Violins, Inc will be valuable asset to the teacher and the music school.”  It is our hope that by Kennedy Violins supporting this great organization that others will be moved to donate what they can to Rasika as well.

Sri Anand Nadh of Rasika receiving the award from Kennedy Violins

For more information on Rasika School of Music and Arts, and how you can support them, visit their website.

If you would like more information on how Kennedy Violins can support your organization, please email rachel@kennedyviolins.com for more information.

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