Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 30

Taking the First Steps

At Kennedy Violins, we have always been proud of the fact that all of our employees, no matter their role, are active musicians and teachers and all of us have been where you are.  Whether you are just starting out learning the basics or finding your own voice or personality musically.  Today, I’d like to …

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Jul 23

The Summer Music Season

Wherever you live, especially if you’re near an urban center, you likely have access to some of the most thrilling outdoor concert experiences this summer. While the traditional orchestral season runs from fall to spring, during the summer season many orchestras organize series of unique programs often held in outdoor amphitheaters and parks. Since “summer” …

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Jul 23

Looking for something to do?

Looking for something to do this summer?  Take part in Kennedy Violins first official video contest.  The theme of the video contest is: “Play.”  We want to see how you play, why you play, where you play, your favorite way to play, anything!  We will choose a winner based on their ability to best embody …

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Jul 13

2012 Photo Contest WINNERS!

Back in May, Kennedy Violins announced our 2012 Photo Contest.  This year, we added 3 categories for people to enter: Humor, Performance, and Artistic.  A winner from each category would receive a $50 in store credit.  There would also be a grand prize winner receiving $200 of in store credit.   Well, the contest ended …

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Jul 09

Busking: Taking It to the Streets

Maybe you’re getting tired of practicing. I mean, come on, it’s summer—everyone is taking trips to the beach, chasing after the sound of “The Entertainer” playing from the ice cream truck, and riding bikes in the sunshine. What could possibly be so appealing about confining yourself in a small, hot, stuffy room to play scales? …

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