Jul 13

2012 Photo Contest WINNERS!

Back in May, Kennedy Violins announced our 2012 Photo Contest.  This year, we added 3 categories for people to enter: Humor, Performance, and Artistic.  A winner from each category would receive a $50 in store credit.  There would also be a grand prize winner receiving $200 of in store credit.   Well, the contest ended a few weeks ago and the winners have been selected!

In the Humor category:

This picture comes to us from Kelly Harriger.  The judges loved the candid nature of the photo and the distinct personalities each pet shows.


In the Performance category:

This photo was taken by Jim Goodman.  The picture features Sierra Goodman practicing for her first recital.  The judges loved her focus in the this shot.  Good luck on your recital, Sierra!


In the Artistic category:

This photo was taken by Clotilde Zehnder.  The judges like the composition of the picture and the creative use of color adjustment.


And finally, the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

This beautiful picture was taken by Andrew Herrault.  The judges loved the perspective of the shot as well as the vintage, old-timey, feel.


We’d also like to thank all of those that participated in the contest.  We had our biggest turn out ever!  There are many talented photographers out there who happen to be string players.

If you missed your chance to enter this year, don’t worry we will do this again next year.  Plus, we are doing a video contest for the summer!

If you have any questions regarding this contest or any future contests, please e-mail rachel@kennedyviolins.com.

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