Jan 18

The Classical Music Poetry Corner

poetryHappy Friday! This is no time for serious business. Here are a few original poems by yours truly, pulled off the shelf and brushed off just for you.


The Vegan Violin
I’d like a violin please,
that doesn’t involve the murder of trees.
No spruce, no maple, no ebony,
or use of animal gut strings.

I’d like a custom bow too,
without horse hair a horse grew,
or lizard skin to make the grip,
or ivory upon the tip

What can you use instead, you say?
Sunshine and recycled leaves!
Organic air and compost tea
Dirt the earth will give for free!

Can’t be had?
You think me mad?
Well, fine.
I guess I’ll buy the Strad.


Last Chair
Pleasantly, happily last chair
I touch up my makeup and pin up my hair
Brush up on fashion with Vogue on my stand
Paint all the nails on my left and right hands
Munch on a muffin
Sip on some tea
Flirt with the handsome violist by me
Gaze out the window and lavish the view
Who’s the conductor?
I haven’t a clue.


The Christmas Gift
For Christmas
I asked for a laptop and printer,
a snowboard and skis
to take out every winter,
an iPhone
an iPad
an iPod and headphones,
unlimited music
and customized ringtones,
a ’69 Mustang
with keys made of gold,
an Xbox
a Wii
and a girlfriend to hold
(preferably blonde).

The morning of Christmas
I launched down the stairs
My parents, they beamed
as I surveyed the wares
I saw just one gift for me
under the tree
I knew it must be something
too good to be!

So I ripped off the paper
and what did I see?
Wait just a second.
Are you joking me?

But they clapped
and they cheered
with the biggest of grins
as I held up a
crusty old,
dusty old,
rusty old,
musty old
brown violin.


The Menu
Pizzicato pizza
Crescendo cannoli
Largo lasagna
Rondo ravioli

Cantabile caprese
Spiccato spaghetti
Fermata fagioli
Mezzo manicotti

Adagio alfredo
Piu presto pesto
Giocoso gelato
Ostinato orzo

Bravura bruschetta
Presto pepperoni
Placido pancetta
Scherzo stromboli

Molto minestrone
Forte focaccia
Piano pugliese
Mezzo marinara

Vivo vermicelli
Calando carbonara
Legato linguini
Marcato mozzarella

Pesante puttanesca
Tutti tortellini
Grande gorgonzola
Music makes me HUNGRY


More to come!



  1. Jerry

    Liz, As always, ENJOYABLE GREAT READING! Jerry

  2. Ellen Mehrhoff

    Oh my! What an awesome site. I love these poems. Thanks for sharing.

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