Feb 22

2013 Poetry Contest…WINNER Announced!


This year, our entrants really brought their A-game!  It was difficult for the judges to come to a decision, but a winner has finally been announced!  The winner is Elizabeth Ryan and her poem “The Beauty of Music.”

A well worn case sits on a shelf, its surface framed with dust. Its leather covering is old, its handle and hinges rust.
In side this case such beauty lies, that’s yet to be untold. The beauty of an instrument, which such rare treasures hold.
The case is lifted gently up, and placed with loving hands. Upon a wooden table near, it finds a place to land.
Its lid is opened to reveal a wooden object there. A Violin, this treasure is, a treasure O so rare.
A small child picks it up, and plucks the strings to tune. A smile gently plays her lips, as fresh as a day in June.
The bow she takes and rosins it, to play her music fair. The Violin on her shoulder she places with such loving, tender, care.
Now, hark! a single string she plays, alive with beauty bright. A melody than slowly forms, it fills every heart with delight.
The music slowly fills the room, with fullness to behold. The melody’s a minuet, from the Great Masters of Old.
The music grows in rapid course, now slow, and now it’s fast. The scenes that dart before your eyes are years of long time past.
Now it’s spring time in the meadows, now it the warm, hot, summer, days. Now the leaves are falling gently, now a visit to winter is paid.
O, the glories of such music, O, the treasures it can hold. O, the joys the Lord has given us, O, such wonders to behold.
We should thank the Lord for music, and remember with each string, that even playing music, should glory to him bring.

The judges really liked her descriptive imagery.  Elizabeth has won our Premium Accessories Package.  Congratulations!

We are also pleased to announced two honorable mentions.  Cecille Lee Gove and her poem “It’s Music.”

What is beautiful and soothing to the ears,
A treasure that brings both laughter and tears.

It comes in all sizes, shapes, and sounds,
And has trillions of fans all around.

It’s high and low, flat and sharp,
And brightens even the dimmest heart.

It’s country, gospel, classical, and rock,
And something no living creature can mock.

It’s the piano, organ, piccolo, and flute,
Violin, viola, mandolin, and lute.

It’s the fiddle, banjo, guitar, and xylophone,
Oboe, clarinet, drums, and saxophone.

It’s bass, treble, soprano, and alto,
Whole, quarter, half, and eighth notes.

It’s better than bronze, silver, and gold,
And anything the ears can ever behold.

What’s the answer – do you know it ?
It’s God’s gift to us all – it’s music !

As well as, Paolo Ferrer and his haiku “Sound Post.”

A Breath. Bow meets strings.
The being’s essence expressed
Soul soars, woes fleeting

Thank you to everyone that participated!  Stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page for news of upcoming contests.

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