Jun 14

Face to Face with Elizabeth from Kennedy Violins

We are all musicians and teachers here at Kennedy Violins, so when you call or come to the store, we are happy to talk with you about which instrument to buy or explain repairs to you and, we will gladly give you music lessons and host concerts, but we don’t often get to talk about much else.  Which is why we decided to start the Face to Face series on our blog.  This will give you a chance to better know each unique individual at Kennedy Violins.

Today, we will kick off the series with our most recent additions, Elizabeth Knopp!

Elizabeth Picture

Elizabeth is a certified Suzuki teacher for violin books 1-10, viola 1-3. She plays first violin in the High Strung String Quartet, was Concertmaster for two years with the Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra and has played with the Vancouver Symphony, and Willamette Falls Symphony.

Recently, Elizabeth took some time to tell us more about herself and her time here at Kennedy Violins.

1. How long have you worked at Kennedy Violins?

About two months! I first visited Kennedy Violins in March of 2013. I fell in love with the shop the minute I walked in.

2. What is your favorite thing about working at Kennedy Violins and why?

Trying all the different violins! I can’t believe it’s part of my job to play hundreds of violins and sell the best ones to our costumers.

3. What is your favorite instrument/product that Kennedy Violins carries and why?

The David Yale violins are excellent. The sound and ease of playing is superb! I also really like the Henner Violas. Such deep clear tones it brings a huge smile to my face.

4. What is your favorite band/musician/composer?

Mumford & Sons. Good music and stellar lyrics.

5. If you didn’t play the violin, which instrument would you play?

A lap harp! I took lessons for about six months on the harp and have never felt so close to heaven. I plan to play the harp once I retire and have more time to practice.

6. Which musician (alive or dead) do you wish you could play with?

Chris Thile…. He’s just so talented and handsome. Check out the “Goat Rodeo Sessions” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

7. What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming year?

GETTING MARRIED!!! Friday, August 2nd is the big day!

8. What is something interesting that we don’t already know about you?

I’ve traveled to 14 countries: England, Netherlands, France, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

9. What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working at Kennedy Violins?

Drinking coffee with my True Love, Jason.

We will feature one of our team members each week in our Face to Face series.  Check back next week to meet another team member of Kennedy Violins.

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