Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 23

A Note About Double Majoring: Is It Worth It?

In response to my last post, “Decisions, Decisions: Should I Major in Music?”, I had a reader contact me at Kennedy Violins interested in advice concerning the option to double major. First, if you have interest in opportunities for dual degrees at specific schools such as Julliard, Eastman, Oberlin, or any other university of interest, …

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Aug 22

Back to School Sidewalk Sale This Weekend!

For those of you in our neck of the woods, we’d love to see you this weekend for our biggest event of the fall season! See below for details, and we hope to see you soon! Tweet

Aug 20

Decisions, Decisions: Should I Major in Music?

Working for Kennedy Violins, I am constantly immersed in music–and I like it that way. There was a time in my life, though, when I reached a crossroad that would determine exactly how music might, could, or would be a part of my future. It’s a crossroad many young musicians face. As high school wound …

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Aug 12

Face to Face with Brandon from Kennedy Violins

Today, we hear from Brandon, one of the newest additions to our talented luthier department. 1. How long have you worked at Kennedy Violins? A few months…about five. 2. What is your favorite thing about working at Kennedy Violins and why? I am endlessly immersed in music. Whether it’s setting up instruments or listening to …

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