This is how we would hope Justin Bieber to add maturity to his music. :-)

Face to Face with Brandon from Kennedy Violins

Today, we hear from Brandon, one of the newest additions to our talented luthier department.

1. How long have you worked at Kennedy Violins?

A few months…about five.

2. What is your favorite thing about working at Kennedy Violins and why?

I am endlessly immersed in music. Whether it’s setting up instruments or listening to Pandora, I love it.

3. What is your favorite instrument that Kennedy Violins carries and why?

My favorite instrument we carry would have to be the Henner. I like the flame. It looks like it has come right off the side of a golden tiger.

4. What is your favorite musician?

My favorite musician (believe it or not) would have to be Justin Beiber. Not so much his earlier music, but his newer stuff has showed a great jump in maturity.

This is how we would hope Justin Bieber to add maturity to his music. :-)
What might make Justin’s music even better!

5. If you didn’t play the guitar, which instrument would you play?

I would love to learn to play a hammered dulcimer. They sound super cool.

6. Which musician (alive or dead) do you wish you could play with?

I would love to play with and learn from John Cooper: the lead singer and bassist for the band, Skillet.

7. What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming year?

I am most looking forward to visiting my dad in Florida this Fall.

Greetings from Florida

8. What is something interesting that we don’t already know about you?

I am both a musician and a motor head. In fact, I built my car from the ground up for under 2k.

9. What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working at Kennedy Violins?

I play tons of video games. My favorite game is Mass Effect 3.

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