Jan 27

Face to Face with Shiloh from Kennedy Violins

Continuing our “Face to Face” series, we are excited to introduce the newest member the Kennedy Violins team: Shiloh Congleton. Prior to joining the staff at KV, Shiloh apprenticed one-on-one for several years under an exceptional luthier and master repairman at one of only a handful of shops on the West Coast authorized by C.F. Martin & Co. After performing warranty-related work on Martin instruments, Shiloh’s professional training has given him the ability to recognize the subtle differences that make an instrument perform both as it should and at its best—the latter for which he strives.


Shiloh Congleton, Kennedy Violins Luthier

1. How long have you worked at Kennedy Violins?

I have worked at Kennedy violins since Dec. 2013.

2. What is your favorite thing about working at Kennedy Violins and why?

My favorite thing about working at Kennedy Violins is that we are able to offer instruments at almost every price point, enabling most anyone with the desire to play  an instrument to be able to afford one, whether it be through a rental program, an entry level instrument or a high end setup, thereby spreading the power of music as far as we can.

3. What is your favorite instrument/product that Kennedy Violins carries and why?

My favorite product that we carry is the Bunnel violin outfit. Although many of the other instruments that we carry are “better”, I feel that the Bunnel is the perfect balance between affordability and playability. As mentioned in my response to question #2, my favorite thing is putting instruments in the hands of those that wish to play them. Sadly, beginning musicians often quit because the entry level instruments available in their price range are simply of such poor quality that they do not sound good and/or are difficult to play. I feel that our Bunnel line of instruments successfully bridge that elusive gap between affordability and quality.

4. What is your favorite band/musician/composer?

Possibly the most difficult question to answer ever… but my favorite musician (this year) is Peter Green.

5. If you didn’t play the violin/viola/cello/guitar, which instrument would you play?

I would wish to play the cello.

6. Which musician (alive or dead) do you wish you could play with?

I plead the fifth.

7. What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming year?

This year I am most looking forward to completing the instrument builds that I have begun.

8. What is something interesting that we don’t already know about you?

I have two connected toes on each foot!

9. What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working at Kennedy Violins?

My favorite thing to do when not at Kennedy Violins is to build instruments and spend time with my beautiful wife and daughter.


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