Feb 21

The 2014 Poetry Contest Winners!

We are excited to announce the results of Kennedy Violins‘ 2014 Poetry Contest! As always, it was very difficult to judge with such fantastic entries. Thank you to all the magnificent poets who submitted their work this year!



So without further ado, CONGRATULATIONS winner Caroline Castleton for her beautifully crafted entry! Caroline will receive Kennedy Violins’ Premium Accessory Package as the grand prize!

We shall keep playing!
We shall keep playing, for poor souls bulge,
too swollen for inarticulate frames.
Great organizers of sound consigned to us
St. Matthews, Violettas, Tills–a host of names.
We bring blood and breath;
They pull stoppers from welled-up humanity.
We shall keep playing,
and give utterance to our sensibilities.
As Bach made life, Beethoven storm,
Berg a scream, Debussy a sigh,
We, then, shall keep playing, you and I.

– Caroline Castleton


Three honorable mentions will receive awards (and tuners as prizes!) this year as the judges could not settle on just two. Congratulations to Veeresh Taranalli, Rachel Richardson, and Liza Lehmkuhl Walters!

Life is but a set of strings to be pulled,
To make a song as best as we could,
Touch the hearts of one and all it should,
Then gift a memory to life, we would.

– Veeresh Taranall


“Is that a guitar?”
Or “Should have played piccolo.”
To such I say, “No.”

-Rachel Richardson


I grew up believing my large hands and long fingers were a curse–until your neck was cradled in my palm.

I felt like such an oddball with my used station wagon–but it was important for you to travel safely

I carried you on my shoulder, against my chest and hip, over long distances, in heels, and responded to stares and questions with a breezy “sometimes it’s awkward, but you get used to it”–you were my responsibility.

And then college came and we spent less time together. Cross country moves, weddings, births, and now you have a corner in a spare room.

I remember how I felt you rumble in my belly and quiver in my hands and how my fingers arched and flexed as they traced the length of you.

You beautiful girl.

You beautiful bass.

– Liza Lehmkuhl Walters


Thanks again to all who entered — we can’t wait to see what you enter next year! Stay tuned to the blog and follow Kennedy Violins on Facebook page for news of upcoming contests including our annual photo contest!

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  1. Randy

    Great poems!

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