Nov 23

2016 String Players Holiday Gift Guide!

Supporting the string player in your life can mean doing more than just attending performances! If you are looking to buy something a little more practical than another violin-playing angel for your musician, check out this list of 10 helpful products from Kennedy Violins! Or find the complete product list HERE on our website


  • Rosin: Rosin is a little cake of tree sap that is applied to the bow to add friction to the interaction of the bow and the strings. Many players use whatever rosin is included with their instrument, but there is actually a wide array of rosin options that can have markedly different effects depending on the climate and needs of the player. This season we are highlighting the Clarity Spectrum and Pirastro Goldflex rosins due to their popularity with customers year-round.
  • Strings: Violinists have to purchase new strings on a regular basis so a new set is always a welcome gift! Strings enhance different tonal qualities of the instrument, and trying a new set is always an adventure. Check out the customer favorites D’Addario Helicore or Pirastro Obligato!
  • Single String: If an entire set of strings seem like a big commitment, why not try a Gold E string? The tonal color in the gold wrapped E string is favored by players of all levels.
  • Books: An excercise book might not seem like the most exciting gift, but it shows you are committed to the excellence of your student! Look at Introducing the Positions for a peek at what Kennedy Violins’ staff recommend as a great way to push an intermediate player into more solid position work, and confidence in their developing positions.
  • Practice mute: Sometimes parents need a little break, right? Gift your student a practice mute to put a damper on the sound for a bit.
  • Instrument care poster: Kennedy Violins is debuting these gorgeous new instrument care posters this season! While they will be included with every outfit purchased, you can also purchase one individually. These make great gifts for teachers!
  • Electric violin: For the vioinist who is longing to rock out, consider giving an electric violin. These unique and fun instruments are very popular as gifts.
  • Bow: Sometimes a new bow is like a breath of fresh air to a violin practice that feels routine. Bows can add new depth and suprising refinements to technique. We recommend our carbon fiber bow for students who need a sturdy new option.
  • Cell O’Clock: For the string player who has everything, the Cell O’Clock adds a touch of class to the studio space. Call Kennedy Violins to learn more about these unique limited edition clocks.
  • Music Stand: There are too many budding string players out here who balance sheet music on bookshelves and chairs, and have to constantly prop their music up! Consider investing in a folding music stand and investing in the future of songs being played through without interruptions!

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