Nov 08

Kennedy Violins meets CodaBows

Recently, Kennedy Violins staff participated in a bow “Meet & Greet” with CodaBow rep Brandon Godman inĀ preparation for carrying the full lineup of CodaBow violin, viola, cello, and bass bows. The event gave our team an opportunity to learn more about Coda and to spend time playing the bows of their chosen instrument. The shop was FILLED with music.

The initial feedback from everyone was excitement over how easily the bows handle and the noticeably precise balance of each bow. Picking up a CodaBow is an immediately enjoyable experience! All of the bows are manufactured in the USA and their construction guarantees consistent quality.

Speaking of construction, how the CodaBow came to exist is a fascinating history lesson! The company was cofounded by a pioneer in the carbon fiber industry and an aerospace engineer. Both of which envisioned carbon fiber as a valuable addition to the world of musical instruments. Learning about their work to develop bows with engineered balance and tone made everyone excited to try out the bows!

The shop violinists played bows ranging from the Prodigy student bow all the way through the Diamond series and specialized bows. The CodaBow Diamond SX was a favorite for many and the Luma also received praise. Violinists described the bows as “smooth” and “fluid” and were happy to notice that finding a bow that suited their tastes didn’t necessarily mean looking at the bows in the highest price points.

Shop cellists described the CodaBow Diamond series as a great line for advancing cellist to learn foundational bow technique while experiencing high levels of mobility.

The two bass players enjoyed the balance and length of the Infinity and Revelation bows. They commented positively on the projective quality of the Infinity.

Kennedy Violins would like to thank CodaBow for the informative evening! Our customer service representatives are ready to help spread the word about these great carbon fiber bows!

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