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yalesAt Kennedy violins, our goal is not only to provide you with superb instruments, but with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed as an educated, enlightened musician. To become a great musician, it’s critical to invest in your musical education to grow¬† as a player. Once you have the right instrument to start your musical journey, the next step is gaining the knowledge you need to reach your highest level of performance and discipline.

Our mission at Kennedy Violins is to create meaningful connections within the orchestral community at large through shared learning. Through our blog, we offer invaluable resources and instruction to string players around the world. Here you can find articles about

  • string instruments and how they’re made
  • becoming a professional musician
  • learning proper playing technique
  • composers
  • music history
  • caring for your instrument
  • school orchestra programs
  • the arts community
  • practice tips
  • and more!

Looking for more information about a specific topic? We are happy to answer any questions you may have and update the blog with new articles to satisfy your curiosity and interests. Come back often to check out new posts, add a comment, or post a question! We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. David Usui

    Hi Kennedy. I have enjoyed reading your blog! I just wanted to forward a link to a short video portrait of NYC-based violinist and conductor, Gregory Singer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QngLJu7BjTU). I thought it might be worthy of inclusion in your great blog. I’ve known Gregory for years and find him to be a really inspirational figure in the classical music community. He also runs a violin shop (singerviolins.com).

    Hope this finds you well.

    David Usui

  2. Jackie

    Thank you for insightful customer service, superior product, and fast shipping! Your company is a pleasure to work with, and the instruments are lovely.

    1. Rachel Davis

      We are glad that you are enjoying your Bunnel G2 violin, Jackie. Keep us updated!

  3. Nickolas

    I was wondering if there where monthly payment plans for new violins?

    1. Rachel Davis

      Yes, you can check out our rental plan here.

  4. Julie

    Hello. I just purchased a Bunnel G1 and am curious where (country) your violins are made?

    1. Rachel Davis

      Hi Julie,

      We do the final assembly and set-up in our shop in Vancouver, WA. The parts and materials of the violin come from all over the world-Europe, Asia, and the US. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.



  5. Andy123


    I really like your website, and all the useful information I can find in there.
    I will definitely buy my next violin at Kennedy Violins.



  6. Doug P

    I’ve recently become obsessed with violins and always wanted to learn to play and decided it’s finally time to (39 yrs old). But I’ve been looking online and reading a lot, and am overly curious why the backside of the neck on the violin is always natural instead of having the finish on it as well. Like not being painted or stained.



    1. Liz Lambson

      Hi Doug,

      What a great question. I believe the lack of varnish on the neck is to provide a smooth (rather than slightly sticky) surface for the thumb to lightly slide up and down while shifting. Shellacked or coated necks, which you may find on cheaply manufactured stringed instruments, definitely feel sticky and sweaty when your hands are warm. The “dry” (but typically sealed) wood on the back of the neck is more comfortable. There’s another theory that it’s counterproductive to varnish the neck when it will be rubbed off over time while playing the instrument. Varnish does wear off–if you look at old violins played without chin rests or shoulder rests, the color is often worn off in those areas.

      Thanks for reading! Best wishes as you begin your musical journey!

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