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Liz Lambson, bassist, luthier, and writer, is performer from Colorado Springs, Colorado. With a music degree from Brigham Young University, Liz has performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, Ballet West, Vancouver Symphony, Columbia Symphony, American Festival Orchestra, the Bach Cantata Choir, and Utah Shakespeare Festival as well as several rock, folk, and jazz bands. Liz has performed with notable artists such as Peter Cetera, Audra McDonald, Renee Fleming, Sissel, and Michael Martin Murphy, and on movie soundtracks including Forever Strong (2008). She released an album of original folk songs in 2006 (Liz Rhodes, Red and Yellow) on guitar and vocals. Liz and her husband moved to Oregon in 2009. She enjoys writing, cross stitching, woodworking, painting, and spending time with her two charming sons.

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Apr 15

A GUIDE TO TEACHING CHILDREN MUSIC: An Interpretation of Aletha Solter’s “Principles of Learning”

As parents, teachers, and musicians, we hope to guide both our children and students to learn in the most effective way. But how can we encourage a desire to learn discipline to practice enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment when teaching children to play an instrument? Quite often children equate practice with punishment, experience boredom during …

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Apr 06

Celebrating the Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

We have a few Game of Thrones fans in our office, and we’re pretty excited about the Season 4 premiere — which is on RIGHT NOW! Because we’re so psyched, the Kennedy Violins’ staff presents a special performance of the Game of Thrones theme music. Enjoy! Tweet

Mar 11

Kennedy Violins Concerts: Young Artist Debut Winners Perform Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kennedy Violins is thrilled to present four of Metro Art’s 20th annual Van Buren Concerto Competition winners in concert! Enjoy this special preview this Thursday, March 13th, at the Kennedy Violins Recital Hall before the Young Artists Concert on April 1st, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Newmark Theatre, See you Thursday! Tweet

Feb 21

The 2014 Poetry Contest Winners!

We are excited to announce the results of Kennedy Violins‘ 2014 Poetry Contest! As always, it was very difficult to judge with such fantastic entries. Thank you to all the magnificent poets who submitted their work this year! THE 2014 POETRY CONTEST WINNER So without further ado, CONGRATULATIONS winner Caroline Castleton for her beautifully crafted entry! …

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Feb 17

History Preserved: Guarneri, Amati & Stradivarius Violins

This weekend I had the great opportunity to travel to New York City and spend time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was especially excited about their wing dedicated to musical instruments with some incredible stringed instruments on display, including original violins by makers Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri as well as other 16th century …

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Feb 10

How to Keep Classical Music Alive

How can we keep classical music from ending up six feet under? (Photo by Ben Salter) There are plenty of saucy articles floating around questioning classical music as a dying art, such as these treasures: “Classical music in America is dead” by Mark Vanhoenacke, “Classical Music Is Not Dead” by Matthew Kassel, The New …

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Feb 03

Enter Kennedy Violins’ Annual Poetry Contest!

‘Tis the season for expressions of love! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, why not write a poem dedicated to the true love of your life that will                   never let you down,                   always be there for you,     …

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Jan 27

Face to Face with Shiloh from Kennedy Violins

Continuing our “Face to Face” series, we are excited to introduce the newest member the Kennedy Violins team: Shiloh Congleton. Prior to joining the staff at KV, Shiloh apprenticed one-on-one for several years under an exceptional luthier and master repairman at one of only a handful of shops on the West Coast authorized by C.F. …

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Jan 21

When NOT to Practice Your Instrument

Hate to “break” it to ya, but you may need to lay off practicing for a while. (Photo by James Lee) We’re always telling you to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE (Why don’t you read Kennedy Violins‘ article “The Art of Effective Practicing” …

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Dec 30

New Year’s Resolutions: A Musician’s Guide to Self-Improvement

Happy New Year! (Photo by William Warby) Making New Year’s resolutions is a social trend that has become more popular throughout the last century. Is becoming a better musician on your self-improvement checklist for 2014? To help you in your quest to take your performance to a new level, here is a MUSICAL interpretation of …

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