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Name: Marisa Kobilan
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Marisa Kobilan is a fiddler and violinist in the Pacific Northwest. She is the head luthier for Kennedy Violins, and has studied violin making and repair under Al Faruolo, Francis Morris and Paul Wiessmeyer. She enjoys competing in Fiddle Contests all across the Pacific Northwest.

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Oct 23

A Violin is Brought Back to Life (Part 1)

I recently began a new project: putting together an old violin that had fallen completely apart. The instrument is an older German violin, probably made around 1930 – 1950. Violins are similar to puzzles, in that they have many small parts that fit intricately together. They are also similar to puzzles in that they are …

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Aug 28

The Top 10 Classical Pieces All String Players Should Hear

Listening to classical music is one of the most important things you can do as a string player, whether you are a seasoned pro or a brand new student. Perhaps you are looking to become a little more familiar with classical music in general, or maybe you are looking for some inspiration to motivate and …

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Apr 09

What’s That Shiny Lump of Tree Sap In My Violin Case?

Your new violin comes, you’re so excited. When you open the case, one of the things you notice inside is something that looks like a lump of tree sap. What is it? Rosin is a sticky subject. If you don’t get a grip on it, you won’t get very far in playing your violin, viola, cello …

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Mar 12

Stringed Instrument Care and Maintenance Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Instrument Care and Maintenance! If you missed Part 1, read it here. This time we’ll discuss some routine maintenance that is necessary for keeping your instrument in top condition. Bow Hair – The hair on the bow needs to be replaced regularly. If you are unsure of how often to …

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Feb 13

Stringed Instrument Care and Maintenance, Part 1

You’ve made the decision to begin playing a stringed instrument. Or, perhaps your child has begun taking music lessons on a stringed instrument. In order for you to enjoy years of trouble-free use from your instrument, it is a good idea to follow a basic program of care and routine maintenance. This will ensure that …

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Dec 19

Practice, Practice: Dedication and Time Needed for Playing a Musical Instrument

If you or your child are interested in learning a musical instrument, several things need to be considered seriously beforehand. First of all, learning a musical instrument requires dedication. Sufficient time will need to be set aside for the purpose of practicing. This may mean saying “no” to other activities or interests. When beginning, depending …

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Nov 07

Itzhak Perlman: An Inspirational Virtuoso

I have been inspired by many violinists, but one stands out in particular. This musician overcame a big obstacle in his life, and didn’t let it stop him from becoming extraordinary. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Itzhak Perlman was born in Tel Aviv, British Palestine on August 31, 1945. Having contracted polio at age four, he was able …

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Sep 22

Luthier Life

The back-to-school time of year has everyone at Kennedy Violins very busy! Let’s take a look at the luthier department during this exciting fall season. In this picture, you can see part of the luthier area. Thousands of violins, violas and cellos are worked on, set up and inspected in this area before being shipped …

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Aug 08

Fiddle Contests

Fiddle contests provide a fun environment for players of all ages to perform and compete. If you are a classical musician, fiddle music can be a great compliment  to your musical repertoire. More relaxed and free, the style and atmosphere of fiddling is totally different from the classical world, and acts as a contrast to …

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Jun 27

Wood Used in Violin Making

I write this blog post as I am aboard a train heading to the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire. Various luthier classes are being held there this summer. With that introduction, I would like to turn to a very pertinent subject: the different types of wood used in violin making. Maple, Spruce, …

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