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Nov 08

Kennedy Violins meets CodaBows

Recently, Kennedy Violins staff participated in a bow “Meet & Greet” with CodaBow rep Brandon Godman in preparation for carrying the full lineup of CodaBow violin, viola, cello, and bass bows. The event gave our team an opportunity to learn more about Coda and to spend time playing the bows of their chosen instrument. The shop …

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Mar 04

Support Young Musicians through Better Bows!

Kennedy Violins is honored to support Better Bows, a fundraising campaign with a goal to provide the local Wy’East Middle School Orchestra of Vancouver, Washington with high-quality carbon fiber bows for use in the classroom. We invite you to donate and support this great cause! How does it work? “Bowbrarians” will care for a complete …

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Feb 11

February=FREE T-Shirts!

With every violin, viola, or cello that you purchase during the month of February, we will send you our “Music Pulse” T-shirt for FREE! Plus, we are including a FREE CodaBow upgrade with each Anton Gerard Violin Outfit.  Visit our website for more special deals. Tweet

Oct 01

“Don’t touch that!”: 10 Reminders for Beginning Students

Stop picking your nose, don’t talk with your mouth full, be nice to your brother, look at me when I’m talking to you, don’t text and drive, mind your manners. Ugh. Minding your Ps and Qs is so much work! But in the end, developing good habits and manners help us to become better people. …

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Jan 18

The Classical Music Poetry Corner

Happy Friday! This is no time for serious business. Here are a few original poems by yours truly, pulled off the shelf and brushed off just for you. ______________________________ The Vegan Violin I’d like a violin please, that doesn’t involve the murder of trees. No spruce, no maple, no ebony, or use of animal gut …

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Sep 17

String Instrument Techniques: How to Learn Vibrato

One of the trickiest, but most essential techniques to learn on a string instrument is the practice of vibrato. What is Vibrato? Vibrato is the act of actually altering the pitch of the string by rocking or vibrating your finger the pitch of the note through the physical movement of your fingers. It’s an artistic …

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Jul 23

Looking for something to do?

Looking for something to do this summer?  Take part in Kennedy Violins first official video contest.  The theme of the video contest is: “Play.”  We want to see how you play, why you play, where you play, your favorite way to play, anything!  We will choose a winner based on their ability to best embody …

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Nov 21

From Frog to Tip: How to Choose a Bow

It’s hard enough to know what you’re looking for when shopping for a violin outfit. So just when you think you’re all done making such life-altering decisions (Shoulder rest? Strings? Case? Rosin?), you’re faced with another mammoth dilemma. Which bow do you pick? Kennedy Violins offers a wide variety of bow options (and upgrades!) with …

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