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Oct 08

Online Music Lessons: Helpful or Hurtful?

We live in an interesting age, musically speaking.  Through the avenue of the internet, so much is available to us in the way of recordings, videos, articles, pictures, etc, etc.  From this sea of information, any aspiring musician with a computer can find tools and resources for online music lessons and often times for free. Learning …

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Jan 23

Five Ways to Become More Cultured: Adding Classical Music to Your Daily Life

Many individuals and families have a desire to be cultured. You know, take that step up from cheddar cheese to Gruyère, hot dogs to pancetta, Avril Lavigne to Hilary Hahn. It’s like going from this: to this: In a world that is becoming increasingly casual and satisfied with mundane and flavorless activities, a great way …

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Aug 01

Curing Unsteady Tempo Syndrome

From an article by Clayton Haslop A few days ago a gentleman wrote in to say he has a problem keeping the tempo steady when not actively counting. Of course he’d like to know what to do about it. And we’ll get to that. Yet first let me tell you something, he’s not alone. Matter …

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