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May 20

The Fine Art of Tuning

In high school at the beginning of each concert, like all orchestras, we would take some time to tune.  Once the squeaking and squawking settled into a common A natural, our conductor would say, “Thank you very much.  Our first song was ‘The Fine Art of Tuning.’”  The audience, slightly confused, would laugh and we …

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Feb 01

Roses are Red…

Roses are Red… We are trying to get into the Valentine’s spirit here are Kennedy Violins by writing a lovely little poem about how much we love violins, violas, cellos, and music but, we have writer’s block!  Maybe you can help. Submit a Valentine’s Day poem to our facebook page!  We’d love to hear your sonnets, …

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Apr 12

Strung out on strings

The best thing about a broken violin string is getting to put NEW strings on. The options for strings are vast, so how do you choose which strings are the best for you? That really depends on the type of sound you are looking for and the playing situations you find yourself in, not to …

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Jan 17

Accessories for Every New (Violin) Outfit

Purchasing an instrument seems like a daunting task, and the most difficult part is over once you decide which instrument you want to get. Right? Perhaps… There are many accessories available for anyone who has purchased a violin from Kennedy Violins – from the earliest beginning student to the advanced or professional performer. At Kennedy …

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Jan 03

We’re bloggin’ now!

Hello and welcome to the Kennedy Violins Blog! We’re just getting started, but feel free to come back and check in with us. We’ll be posting some really helpful information, videos and audio, all relating to all things strings. We also invite comments and questions as the whole reason for this blog is to exchange …

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