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Aug 16

Rent or Buy? That is the question!

Around this time every year, as the musical season gears up again, we see a lot of new string players preparing to start a new adventure.  There are inevitably A LOT of questions, and we are happy to address them.  In the past, on the blog, we have covered many topics about Beginner Basics.  One that …

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Apr 23

Stradivarius in the Attic?

So you’re at Grandpa’s house helping him clean out his attic.  While cleaning, you stumble across a dusty trunk and inside you find some old books, a quilt, and a violin.  At first, it doesn’t look like much, the bridge is missing and who knows the last time the strings were changes.  But wait!  Something …

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May 18

Music is a family affair

In my other life, I work in the very small (but fast-growing) niche of kids independent music, or kindie music. It encompasses all genres, with white guys with guitars dominating the genre. So when groups come along that turn that notion on its head to give us very entertaining, musical and age-appropriate music for kids …

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Apr 04

Scales: the Backbone of the String Players Practice Session

There is a certain segment of the string player’s daily practice routine that can be viewed as the least exciting, and it can be tempting to exclude this section of the practice session. However mundane practicing scales can seem, it is arguably the most important part of practicing the violin, or any stringed instrument. Why …

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Mar 20

Violin Nerd or Athlete?

Article by the World Renowned Violinist Clayton Haslop. A few years ago I read a little article having to do with repetitive movement injuries and instrumental playing. In the course of it the writer made the following observation. Musicians are the athletes of small muscles. Certainly true. Yet, if the whole truth be told, we …

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Feb 28

Maintaining your violin

Violins are pretty simple and there isn’t really a lot that you have to do maintain your violin, other than wiping it down every day and making sure you don’t expose it to extreme temperature/humidity conditions.  However, there is one aspect of maintaining your violin that many people miss and that is, looking at your …

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Jan 05

How to Rosin a New Bow

How to rosin a new bow. I get asked fairly often by customers or students about how to rosin a bow and in particular, how often rosin should be re-applied to the bow. As with most aspects of the violin, there is no easy answer to this question and the solution is somewhat subjective. How …

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